Advantages of VoIP vs Landline

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VoIP stands for Voice-over Internet Protocol and basically it means that you can use phone services on internet rather than being provided through a local phone company. Instead of using analog signals like in the traditional phone service, it uses digital data and transmits signals over the channel of internet. Some of the industry experts claim that with time, it will take over the traditional landline service. Skype and Vonage are some of the examples of VoIP services.

For all those who are using VoIP Solutions, there are three ways to make the call. First one is through ATA or Analog Telephone Adaptor. This works as a converter which allows the traditional phone to connect to the computer which later on can be used for VoIP. Second way to do this is to use an IP phones, which encompass different connectors than a traditional phone and they can be connected directly to your computer’s router.  They can also be used in any place having a Wi-Fi connection. The third way to use VoIP is computer-to-computer like Skype.  You may need some additional things in order to make it work. These can include, a software, sound card, microphone and speakers. This is one of the cheapest or even free way to make a call including long distance calls.

The primary reason why people are shifting towards VoIP is its lower rates in comparison with landline phone service. The monthly packages are quite cheaper with VoIP than traditional phones. Also, extra services like call forwarding, call waiting and voice mails come free along with VoIP.

Long-distance calls including international ones are much less expensive and even free than with a traditional analog phone. As long as you have an internet service, this is the most cost-effective route to go with phone service.

VoIP services include almost all the features which traditional analog phones have to offer. Even it may include additional ones like conference calling with more than 3 participants. So all those who may think that VoIP doesn’t offer all those service of a traditional phone, this shouldn’t be their concern.

Conference calling is one of the biggest assets of VoIP. You can even use it for global marketing and networking purposes. This is a great alternative solution for an expensive travel fees. Businesses look at VoIP as a very effective means of attending international meeting and conference calling as it is cost effective and not restricted.

For businesses who want to switch to VoIP, they may have wide range of carriers to choose from. There are a lot of VoIP carriers available in the market. With some comparisons and features being offered, you can make an optimum choice. Some of the well-known VoIP services include Skype, Vonage, Jive, Magic Jack and Nextiva.

However, there are some technical aspects which you must need to keep in mind before making a final decision. The voice quality sometimes be questionable, although it highly depends on the internet speed.

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